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As well as sharing some of my own reflections and stories, I would love to share your stories of mediation and compassionate communication. If you would like to send stories you would like to share contact Terri through form on the contact page.

Stories of Choice & Inspiration:

Choosing Non-Defensive Communication at the Copy Store, by N.A.


Terri’s Favorite Books

The Emotional Imperative by Brent Atkinson (about the emotional brain (limbic system and amygdala), and how the amygdala can hijack our reasoning brain when it perceives threat.)

What does nonviolence mean to me? By Shirley McDonald

Taking the War Out of Our Words

Suzie Daggett interviews Terri Harmon for Healing Journeys

How Did You Become My Enemy? By Sharon Ellison

I’m Sorry! The New Blame-Game, By Sharon Ellison

Teen Who has Demanding and Uncooperative Habits: A story from Taking the War Out of Our Words, by Sharon Ellison

U.S. Withdrawal from Racism Conference— Ethical Stand or Defensive Maneuver? by Sharon Ellison

Powerful Non-Defensive Parenting; Authority Continuum, By Sharon Ellison (in pdf format)

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  • For an article I really enjoyed on using NVC with children, visit, create an account (free), then in the COMMUNITY box, select ARTICLES, and select the article “Grabbing Our Way to Peace”.
  • For Powerful Non-Defensive Communication articles, and summaries of Sharon Ellison’s model, as well as tips and examples, visit There are several good resources under LEARNING ROOM, including ARTICLES.
  • For Restorative Justice articles,